Clarity Water Solutions specializes in water engineering and treatment services for residential, commercial and industrial clients, with emphasis on:

  • Waste water treatment for reuse

  • Potable water supply through sea and brackish water desalination

  • Surface water filtration and polishing

  • Point of entry water treatment systems

  • Containerized & skid-mounted systems for easy on-site installations

  • Car wash water reuse

Through our enhanced water management solutions, waste water is captured, treated and re-used locally; Clarity can help their clients achieve over 50% reduction in their fresh water usage and 100% reduction in waste water disposal bills!

Lowest overall cost of ownership

Total integrated solutions

100% backing by our principals

Completely odor free

"First-to-Market” with Reusable Water solutions

Integrated solutions for on-site reuse
Solid experience in design, construction, installation, operation of of process plants
Gives our customers best-in- class and sustainable solutions

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